Product before packaging.

Adverse effects derived from an incorrect isolation during a three-week maritime transport. The insulation was carried out without an insulating bag. The shipment was from Asturias (north of Spain) to the Dominican Republic in an Open Top container.

Product at destination


The first step for a safe shipment is to isolate our cargo from the harmful effects, alone or in combination, of external agents such as water, water vapor, saline environment, dust, sudden changes in temperature, solar radiation, microorganisms, etc.

Anti – humidity Desiccant Salts or Dehydration Salts, whose purpose is to absorb the relative humidity of the air inside the packaging, keeping the cargo in an atmosphere free of water vapor.

“Desiccant Salts or Dehydration Salts are used more and more frequently for the packaging of cargo, especially sea freight, but…, Are we using the right amount of desiccant salts correctly? Do all desiccant salts absorb the same amount of moisture?” (Blog 360 Eco Packaging)

Diferent types and sizes are available, depending on their nature and absorption capacity.

They can be used inside boxes or sea containers, and in combination with the Aluminium Foil Barrier Bags or in Roll.


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    They absorb water steam and can be used in combination with an insulating bag.

    Its purpose is to keep the cargo to be transported in an atmosphere free of water vapor. Packaging Hangable Desiccant Salts without DMF and made with bentonite, they incorporate a plastic hook to hang in maritime containers.

    Availability of different sizes from 20 grams to 2 kilos.

    Recommendation per kilo: 20 bags per 20-foot container .

    Protection against moisture, condensation and corrosion of containerized goods.


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      Protection against humidity, condensation and corrosion of goods in containers.

      The VCI2000 (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) packaging saves labor costs in the application and subsequent cleaning of protective substances and eliminates the need for expensive antioxidants.


      • Maintains anti-corrosion properties when opening and closing the load, in case of inspection or review of the goods.
      • Eliminates the task of applying and cleaning protective substances and the use of expensive antioxidants.
      • Contains no nitrites, phosphates or chromates.
      • Printable.
      • Easy to use and close.
      • Environmentally friendly – Roll format (coil) or Custom Bag format.
      • Improves health safety at work.
      • An effective barrier of protection

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        An effective protection barrier, environmentally friendly

        Plastic bags in different colors, formats and thicknesses to differentiate products and preserve them optimally.


        • Possibility of customized manufacturing.
        • Different colors, formats and gauges.
        • Resistant.
        • They can be printed.
        • Recyclable.


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          Custom made VCI plastic bag, protection against corrosion and oxidation. Ecological and resistant.

          Insulating bag, aluminium barrier material
          Insulating bag, aluminium barrier material

          Effective protection that isolates the product from the external environment.

          2 PROTECTION

          The second step for a safe shipment is to efficiently protect the cargo to be transported. This process consists of defining the most appropriate packaging for the type of cargo and shipment.

          High quality, ergonomic and environmentally friendly reusable packaging. Easy assembly and disassembly, which also minimizes transport and storage space. Available in different materials (plywood, OSB and chipboard).

          Our proprietary internal lashing system in the packaging allows the product to be secured quickly and efficiently by integrating the securing elements (straps, ratchets, screws, shafts, etc.) into the base of the Clipping Crate.©

          Crate made of plywood board and steel reinforcements.


          • It is reusable, stackable and collapsible.
          • It is made of ISPM15 certified wood, so it is suitable for international shipments.
          • It consists of a lid, a base with support and a very resistant central body. The anchorage of the pieces is by means of metallic tabs.
          • Standard sizes are available as well as custom-made.


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            Box made of plywood board and steel reinforcements, reusable and stackable.

            3 INMOBILIZATION

            The third step for a safe shipment is to condition the cargo to the means of transport. This conditioning must be carried out efficiently to minimize transportation costs, auxiliary packaging and possible incidents derived from a bad lashing process.

            Mesh or elastic cargo net for the security, fixation and support of loads. It adapts to different types or packages.

            Cardboard filler

            Packaging filler made of die-cut, ecological and highly protective cardboard.

            Anti-slip rubber material designed to stabilize the load during transport.

            This material increases the friction coefficient, reducing the risk of accidents and undesired movements. Easy to use and simplifies loading and stowage tasks.


            • Complement to lashing systems to stabilize the load during transport.
            • Easy to use.
            • Reduces the risk of movement and simplifies loading and stowage tasks.
            • Different sizes and thicknesses available.


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              Specially designed to increase the coefficient of friction and stabilize loads.

              The most commonly used method for lashing goods inside packages, as well as on the packaging itself in containers and other transport items.

              Types of Load Straps & Lifting Slings:

              • Slings: Textile straps with or without gauze (holes in the ends for their tie).
              • Textile straps or webbing: High resistance textile tie.
              • Polyester tapes or PET belts: PET plastic tapes whose strength varies depending on their composition.
              • Ratchet: Metal tools to adjust straps and slings easily and easily.
              • Buckles: Galvanized steel buckles that serve to join the ends of the webbing and prevent the load from loosening and loosening.

              Load Straps & Lifting Slings; systems to immobilize cargo inside packages, containers and during lifting when moving.


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                The most commonly used method for lashing goods.

                Complementary system in the lashing of loads to fill gaps in rigid vehicles or containers. Cargo Airbags or Dunnage Bags are used for conditioning in transport, preventing the goods from moving.


                • Made of high strength material.
                • They have a valve through which to introduce air until the goods are fixed for transport.
                • Adaptable to each type of packaging.
                • Suitable for land, sea or rail transport.
                • Reusable.


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                  Cushioning and immobilization of the load, reusable and adaptable.

                  4 CONTROL

                  The last step in safe shipping is, whenever necessary, active or passive monitoring of the cargo. A multitude of systems are available, ranging from moisture-detecting stickers to complex electronic cargo tracking devices.

                  Detector – logger device to monitor international, maritime, road or plane transport.

                  Smart Data Logger for transport, logistics and storage allow you to monitor the transport conditions of your goods.

                  Measure and record data:

                  • Temperature
                  • Humidity
                  • Light
                  • Acceleration

                  At the end of the trip, the recorded data is transmitted by radio to the computer, through the package of the goods.
                  Device for monitoring transports digitally.  Data Logger – Electronic Shock, Temperature & Humidity (battery is easily replaceable).


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                    Transport – logger monitoring device. It measures and records humidity, accelerations, temperature and luminosity data.

                    These devices are placed on the outside of the packaging and, by means of a sensitive system, allow to know if the goods have been overturned or have received an impact during transport or storage. In this way, material damage that may occur during the transport of goods is considerably reduced.


                    • Different devices are available depending on the type and weight of the load.
                    • Easy handling.


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                      Instruments that allow us to know if a box has been overturned or knocked over.

                      Cheap solution to find out if your merchandise has humidities. It is recommended to use with desiccant salts for lower humidity in your packages.

                      Very used to knowing if desiccant salts have reached their absorption capacity limit.


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                        Small cardboards with chrome circles sensitive to the degree of humidity.

                        They are used to seal boxes preventing unauthorized opening of the boxes.

                        Security Seals, Labels & Stickers reduce theft and guarantee the custody of the logistics chain.

                        Possibility of customization with company logo.

                        Security Seals, Labels & Stickers for preventing unauthorized opening of the boxes.


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                          Adhesive tapes and labels with security device.

                          Used for the control of temperature changes in transport. Control of goods requiring stable temperature.

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