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Su función es prevenir daños inmovilizando la carga.

Son reutilizables y se adaptan a las irregularidades del embalaje.

Se pueden utilizar en transporte terrestre, marítimo o ferroviario .

Amortiguación e inmovilización de carga, reutilizable y adaptable

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    Scotch tape

    A widely used material in packaging to seal and close.

    Available in various colors and widths , the adhesive tape is made of solvent polypropylene with a water-based adhesive and allows the printing of logos and / or texts.

    We also have PVC adhesive tape .

    The most used system to seal and close plastic and cardboard containers

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      Straps and slings

      They are the most widely used method for lashing goods inside packages, as well as the containers themselves in containers and other transport elements.

      Slings: Textile straps with or without gauze (holes in the ends for their tie).

      Textile straps or webbing: High resistance textile tie.

      Polyester tapes or PET belts: PET plastic tapes whose strength varies depending on their composition.

      Ratchet: Metal tools to adjust straps and slings easily and easily.

      Buckles: Galvanized steel buckles that serve to join the ends of the webbing and prevent the load from loosening and loosening.

      The most used method for lashing goods
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        The ty-gard system is the best and most versatile freight immobilization system for containers and trailers.

        These are bands made of very resistant fibers, combined with an adhesive that adheres to the walls of the container, providing extreme tie-down resistance.

        It acts like a seat belt, absorbing shocks and dissipating the energy of the impact.

        Approved system for the transport of explosives and dangerous materials.

        Star immobilization system, using high resistance adhesive bands.

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