About Us

About us?

A company backed by more than 80 years of experience.
360 Eco Packaging is the result of the logical evolution and adaptation of a previous traditional, family-owned company, founded in 1939. This experience is combined with a production system adapted to the needs of the sector through the implementation of latest-generation machinery, new facilities and the most cutting-edge calculation and design software, to always be at the forefront.

360 Eco Packaging provides its clients with a 360º integral service in the field of packaging and logistics. This service ranges from advice and optimization in the packaging processes of companies, the implementation of sustainable packaging and “just in time” operations that include storage and centralized management of purchasing and transportation.

In addition, we offer training in different areas (EN12195, IMO2014, ADR, RID, IATA, among others) and market all kinds of products in the field of packaging and cargo transportation. It is worth mentioning that 360 Eco Packaging has national and international patents, among which is our flagship product Clipping Crate ®, an ecological and reusable wooden crate.

Since its beginnings, 360 Eco Packaging has been strongly committed to innovation and the latest technologies. Currently, the company participates as a member of the Subcommittee CTN 192 SC 03 (UNE/ISO) in the development of a new regulation in the field of transport of dangerous goods together with AENOR and the Ministry of Industry. We also collaborate with technological centers such as AIDIMME or ITENE in the development of new projects.


In addition, all our manufacturing processes are subject to quality control systems and are committed to the environment. We are certified with ISO9001, PEFC/FSC (chain of custody) and ISPM15 (phytosanitary regulations for export), among others.

360 Eco Packaging develops its activity in different industrial and strategic industry sectors, among which are: electrical, automotive, railroad, aeronautical, armament, solar, etc. and with first level national and international companies among its clients, such as: Siemens, General Dynamics, ThyssenKrupp, General Electric, Airbus, Talgo, Saint-Gobain, etc.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Committed to a comprehensive service

360 Eco Packaging has a long and consolidated history in the world of packaging.

As a result of this extensive experience, and thanks to the perspective that our trip offers us, we have acquired a commitment without which we cannot understand our work:

Commitment to a comprehensive high-quality packaging service

360 Eco Packaging offers this comprehensive service based on reliability, commitment, creativity, strategic vision and respect for the environment.

Both our packaging systems and our comprehensive advisory service are aimed at providing maximum satisfaction to our customers by offering 360º products and services with high added value at the forefront of technology.

FSC® Certificate

It stands for “Forest Stewardship Council”, and consists of a forestry certification system, which ensures and certifies that wood and paper products come from responsible and sustainable wood forests. This means that for every tree that is cut down, another one must be planted in order to achieve sustained growth over time.

This certificate is recognized worldwide as a symbol of trust.

Three different types of certificates can be issued:

  • Forest certification: awarded to forest managers or owners whose management practices meet the requirements of the FSC® principles and criteria.
  • Supply chain: verifies that products that are for sale and FSC® labeled contain FSC® certified materials and controlled sources at the time of manufacture.
  • Controlled wood: it was created to establish a control to companies so that wood can only be mixed with FSC® certified wood.



PEFC Certificate

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is also a forest certification system that promotes sustainable management worldwide.

Its main focus is to ensure that wood and paper products come from responsible and sustainable forests.

Like the FSC®, this certificate is also recognized worldwide and provides a number of advantages:

  • Proof of good social, economic and environmental practices.
  • Economic improvement, due to the improvement of the production and exploitation process.
  • Reduced risk of fire and pests, as well as a reduction in climate change.
  • Improved biodiversity.
  • Decrease in the use of chemical products.
  • Forest products are beginning to be seen as a natural, ecological and renewable raw material.
  • Operations are carried out within a legal framework. Compliance with forestry legislation reduces possible infractions such as abusive or illegal logging.
PEFC - 360 Eco Packaging

PEFC – 360 Eco Packaging



All our wood has the ISPM15 phytosanitary certificate required for the transport of international goods.

This seal guarantees that the wood has been subjected to a heat treatment of at least 30 minutes at 56ºC – 132.8ºF, thus avoiding the proliferation of pests or other invasive species.

ISPM15 - 360 Eco Packaging

ISPM15 – 360 Eco Packaging



For more information you can contact us by email: info@360ecopackaging.com or at the phone number below:

Alicante (Spain):
Av. Um-Draiga Esquina a, Av. San Luis de Cuba, Parcela 7, 03600
(+34) 699 239 392