Types of returnable packaging II: Metal Packagings

Although less used than other packaging materials such as wood or plastic, metal has a number of properties that make it an interesting packaging for transport. From the point of view of protection, metal packaging stands out for its durability and resistance, being a guarantee in the case of goods that have to undergo long

Types of Returnable Packaging (I): Wooden Packaging

Returnable packaging is a solution that more and more companies incorporate into their supply chain for its environmental and economic benefits. Depending on the material, we can classify the different types of returnable packaging into three groups: wood, metal and plastic. In this post we describe the most common returnable wooden packaging and its advantages.

Presenting our Sustainable Packaging at Intersolar Europe

Presenting our Sustainable Packaging at Intersolar Europe On May 11, 12 and 13, 360 Eco Packaging – Encaja Embalajes had the opportunity to present its packaging solutions for the solar industry at the Intersolar Europe Fair, the most important exhibition of the sector worldwide, held in Munich (Germany). The meeting was attended by Jesús Álvarez,

World Environment Day

Yesterday was World Environment Day and we would like to remind you of the concept of Sustainable Packaging and its importance in preserving our planet. Because there is no Planet B.   Sustainable Packaging pursues greater planning in the life cycle of packaging. It is based on the principles of the Circular Economy: redesign, reduce,

ISO Containers

Containers are the cargo containers par excellence. They can be used on land, although the most frequent use is for sea and river transport.

Calculate how much you can save per year with returnable packaging

Today’s packaging solutions are focused on reusability. This means that we are moving from using disposable packaging to returnable, and therefore reusable packaging.

Sustainable packaging for a greener world 💚

Sustainable packaging pursues greater planning in the life cycle of packaging. It is based on the principles of the Circular Economy.

Circular packaging for a new cycle

It is a fact that the intensive use of natural resources and the volume of waste we generate have a huge environmental impact. It is also a fact that through a Circular Economy we can transform our throwaway model into a new, more balanced and respectful production system, able to provide value thanks to continuous

Main Types Of Cardboard

Cardboard is a material formed by the superposition of paper, which gives it greater strength and hardness than paper. It is one of the most widely used elements in the packaging sector, both in the construction of boxes and in the design of molds that fit inside them to hold goods.

ISO Symbols for Packaging

ISO symbols are universal graphic representations used to indicate the handling, preservation and protection of goods. In this post, we cover this type of marking.

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