Main Types Of Cardboard

Cardboard is a material formed by the superposition of paper, which gives it greater strength and hardness than paper. It is one of the most widely used elements in the packaging sector, both in the construction of boxes and in the design of molds that fit inside them to hold goods.

ISO Symbols for Packaging

ISO symbols are universal graphic representations used to indicate the handling, preservation and protection of goods. In this post, we cover this type of marking.

Packaging control- Verticality and humidity detection systems

Packaging control is an indispensable element in securing the goods during transport. Here you can find more information of this items.

Maritime packaging and its characteristics

After more than 80 years of experience in the sector, we have assisted our clients in the great controversy and confusion generated by this term. So, maritime packaging and its characteristics is the main topic of today’s post. What essential elements are need to be used to comply with the regulations To talk about maritime

Packaging For International Maritime Transport – Wood packaging

Packaging for international maritime transport, is one of the most frequently asked questions when shipping cargo internationally.

Stowage Techniques With Wood

Stowage techniques with wood and what requirements must be cumply with in order to be able to perform it correctly. A correct lashing or securing of cargo is key when transporting cargo by sea, land or air. Therefore, in today’s post we will deepen in the different techniques: First of all, we must take into

Brexit and ISPM 15. Application No. 15

Brexit and ispm 15, after the entry into vigour of this new regulation, packaging must be certified with this seal. This is how it will change

ISPM 15 Processed Wood Vs Gross Wood

Wood processed according to ISPM 15. To avoid export problems, it is important that the packaging complies with these certificate.

The ISPM 15 certificate – Introduction

The ISPM15 certificate guarantees that the wood has been treated against pests and insects, making it suitable for international transport.

Declaration of intentions

360 Eco Packaging emerged as a logical evolution and adaptation of a traditional family company, founded in 1939. Due to these experience and constant evolution, we have learned to adapt to the needs of the sector. Identifying and developing the most efficient packaging systems. Therefore, we can offer the customer a 360 degree service. For

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