The rise of e-commerce has highlighted the importance of protecting the merchandise which travels hundreds of kilometres to arrive at its destination.

In today’s post, we introduce you to some of the detection devices available.

These mechanisms are capable of controlling the different stresses to which the goods are subjected during transport; such as impacts, temperature changes, humidity, etc.

Control packaging  systems
Control packaging systems

These detectors are capable of detecting and displaying turns in the verticality of the load of between 30-180º, showing the side and the maximum angle of inclination that our merchandise has suffered. There are also simpler devices on the market that, by means of a color change, show us if the package has lost its verticality during transport.

This significantly reduces material damage that may occur during the transport of goods.

As we have already mentioned, we can control the maximum degree of humidity to which our goods have been subjected by means of simple labels that show by changing color if the set value has been exceeded.

The humidity indicators are small cards with blue circles that with a certain degree of humidity, change its colour.

Humidity detectors

Very used to know if the desiccant salts have reached their limit of absorption capacity.

As well as this kind of detection systems, there is also available digital loggers detectors. They are specially designed for much more comprehensive packaging control needs, related in terms of sensitivity and monitoring.

These devices are capable of storing a large amount of data concerning on humidity degree, tiltangles, g-forces.

Digital packaging control. Logger detector

In conclusion, there are a large number of devices on the market that help us to monitor the state of the load even in our absence, which is very useful when determining responsibilities in the undesired case of a possible incident.