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Warning stickers for dangerous goods packaging.

These marking labels are used to warn and label packages containing dangerous goods. They should be placed in a visible location on packaged goods and always placed in a diamond shape.


  • Manufactured in polypropylene, for easy adherence to any surface.
  • We have different models depending on the warning needs (explosive materials, gases, flammable liquids, toxic, infectious, radioactive, etc.).
  • Homologation according to current regulations.


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    Clipping Crate wooden packaging approved for the transport of dangerous goods according to ADR/RID/IMGD/OACI/IATA regulations.

    Valid to contain liquids and solids.

    ISPM 15 certified for international trade.

    Standard references.

    Adapted to the highest market demands.

    Other packaging control devices such as impact and verticality detectors, humidity detectors or temperature detectors are used as additional equipment.


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