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  • Packaging especially designed for large volumes and loads.
  • ISPM 15 certification for international trade.
  • Preliminary study to determine the most efficient packaging solution from a mechanical and
    economical point of view.
  • Custom designed to support heavy loads efficiently.
  • Reconditioning works of merchandise at client’s premises.
  • More than 80 years of experience in reconditioning of merchandise at client’s premises.
  • Study of reusable reinforced types of packaging for medium loads (2,500 kg).
  • Manufacturing of disassembled packaging which enables a visual inspection of the load during ordinary inspections without breaking or unscrewing the side/cover.
  • It can be used per unit, the base can be used for auxiliary transports before the box is completely closed for shipping.
  • Once disassembled, it takes up approximately 20% of its size, saving costs on storage and transport.


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