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Recycled and sustainable packaging vee or mandrel Cardboard Tubes available in different dimensions and thicknesses.

They can be customized by printing different colors .

Mandrel or cardboard cylinder in different dimensions and thicknesses.

Manufactured from wood pulp.

  • Resistant and robust and tolerate well the impacts produced during the transport of the goods.
  • Are used for a wide variety of functions (artwork, shipping documents, posters, papers, etc.)
  • Come in different shapes depending on the protection needed, some may even have waterproof or adhesive inner layers on the inside to create a waterproof seal (preventing water from spoiling the papers during transport).


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    Blue Foam Profiles elements made of foamed polyethylene and synthetic rubber are used as ends for fragile products and for countless products, such as glass, crystal, tableware, furniture, household appliances, etc.
    Foam Profiles are 100% recyclable. Sustainable packaging.


    • U-shaped foam elements in different sizes and lengths.
    • Light.
    • Flexible and easy to handle.
    • Suitable for different thicknesses.
    • Resistant.
    • Effective shock absorbers.
    • Reduces breakage to a minimum.
    • Non-toxic

    We have several measures and lengths to cover any need.


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