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Lashing and securing of tubular goods in transport and storage.

Cargo Trailer Lock – Roll Block Kit© is a specific lashing system for tubular goods.

In addition to the anti-slip material, it guarantees an optimal fastening of the goods, preventing them from moving during transport, thus reducing accidents and sudden movements.


  • Maximum stability of the goods during transport, especially for those loads that are difficult to stow due to their circular nature.
  • It has all the necessary approvals.
  • Reusable.
  • Conforms to VDI 2700 – 2021 standards.


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    Adjustment of packaging dimensions and design of appropriate lifting systems for different types of transport: sea, land and air. This means a direct reduction of CO2 emissions linked to a reduction in the number of transports.


    • Savings in transport and packaging costs by adjusting dimensions and weights, which helps to minimize the number of transports required.
    • Savings in the number of transports required by designing appropriate lifting systems for the load.
    • This study is carried out independently for each type of load and transport.

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