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 Clipping Crate ®  is the star product of 360 Eco Packaging ©, is a versatile model of reusable box of high quality, simple and ergonomic assembly and disassembly, which also minimizes transport and storage space. 

Standardized in its dimensions and with the possibility of custom manufacturing.
It also has a service of replacement of damaged parts for all its ranges.

Free transport and in the standard sizes Clipping Crate Avant, with option of delivery in 24 H.

Foldable Wooden Crate, Avant Model: Reusable and of great resistance.
35 standard references with possibility of delivery in 24 hours.
Resistance up to 1.200 kg.
Minimum order: 1 unit

Foldable Wooden Crate, Fresh Model: Made of OSB3, it stands out for its value for money and good waterproofing.
15 standard references.
Resistance up to 800 Kg.
Minimum order: 10 units

Foldable Wooden Crate, Basic Model: Made of chipboard.
Quality at the best price.
Resistance up to 600 Kg.
Minimum order: 20 units

Foldable Wooden Crate, Extrem ADR Model: Approved for ADR/RID/IMDG/ICAO/IATA .
Adapted to the highest demands of the market.
Minimum order: 1 unit

Foldable Wooden Crate, Free Docs Model: All versions now without management fees (Not applicable ISPM-15).
Savings in customs management costs due to the materials used for its manufacture.
Resistance up to 1.200 Kg.
Minimum order: 1 unit

Foldable Wooden Crate, Mix Model: Customizable and great versatility.
Adaptable to the needs of the customer by combining different materials the sides, cover and base (OSB, Plywood,.).
Resistance up to 1.200 Kg.
Minimum order: 1 unit

Foldable Wooden Crate, Trade Fairs Model: Made of plywood, reusable and foldable. 
Specially designed for fairs, congresses and exhibitions.
Includes wheels and handles for easy handling.
Resistance up to 800 Kg.
Minimum order: 1 unidad

Foldable Wooden Crate, Art Model: Made of plywood and wood slats.
Specially designed for the exhibition of artistic works.

The bases of the boxes are reinforced with board offcuts, which means that the board is optimized to the maximum to achieve zero waste.


  • Through this system, raw material waste is reduced to the maximum, reaching utilization rates of around 95%.
  • By not generating waste in the manufacturing process, storage and handling costs are optimized.


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