Wooden Pallets

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Wooden supports with boards with or without separation between them and wooden blocks or slats at the base to facilitate the transport and mobility of the load. They can be open or closed, with two or four entrances, blind, reversible or reinforced to support a lot of weight.

Immediate availability of Reused Pallets Standard sizes:

1200 x 800 mm (European) and 1200 x 1000 mm (American).

For other sizes, please consult us.

They are designed to support a load of up to 1,000 kg.
Optional ISPM-15 treatment.

Sold per complete truck.

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    Adjustment of packaging dimensions and design of appropriate lifting systems for different types of transport: sea, land and air. This means a direct reduction of CO2 emissions linked to a reduction in the number of transports.


    • Savings in transport and packaging costs by adjusting dimensions and weights, which helps to minimize the number of transports required.
    • Savings in the number of transports required by designing appropriate lifting systems for the load.
    • This study is carried out independently for each type of load and transport.

    Ask for a budget

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