• Transportation not included
  • Easy mounting, includes non-slip metal support
  • Great resistance to scratching
  • Perfect visibility throughout its service life
  • Vinyl safety distance available

Protection screen (premium)

Protective screen made of 6 mm high strength tempered glass and high quality design non-slip metal supports.  Due to its composition, this glass is impact resistant, in case of breakage it atomizes in small pieces so as not to cause damage to people unlike conventional glass. It is designed for division and protection against possible contagion. Its design and hardness make it perfect for hygienic separation from public places; such as offices, boutiques, restaurants, etc., as well as for shops with attention to the public, since its design allows the flow of money or documents on both sides. Built in high quality glass, it offers unmatched visibility, high scratch resistance and therefore high durability in good condition; its hygiene and ease of cleaning is one of its strengths.


“Vinyl safety distance as a complement available”


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