• Transportation not included
  • Delivery approx. 48 h
  • Nylon cable ties are included
  • Vinyl safety distance available

Protective screen for drivers

We have optimal methacrylate protection screens for the division and protection in vehicles

against possible viral infections.

Whatever the size of the vehicle, the bulkhead adapts to the width of the vehicle, without the use of tools for its installation, since its clamping flange system allows its total fixation and immobilization. In this way, additional hygienic protection is ensured inside cars, allowing more passengers to move inside them.

Suitable for taxis, VTC, vans, etc. Its design is completely transparent, offering clear visibility between the driver and passengers. Nylon cable ties included.

Maintenance and care services: Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth and mild soap. The use of glass cleaner is not recommended as it could damage it. For cleaning, always hold by the base or center.

If the piece is superficially chipped, simply put a little toothpaste on the affected area and rub it with a cloth until the damage disappears.

“Vinyl safety distance as an available complement “
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