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The most commonly used method for lashing goods inside packages, as well as on the packaging itself in containers and other transport items.

Types of Load Straps & Lifting Slings:

  • Slings: Textile straps with or without gauze (holes in the ends for their tie).
  • Textile straps or webbing: High resistance textile tie.
  • Polyester tapes or PET belts: PET plastic tapes whose strength varies depending on their composition.
  • Ratchet: Metal tools to adjust straps and slings easily and easily.
  • Buckles: Galvanized steel buckles that serve to join the ends of the webbing and prevent the load from loosening and loosening.

Load Straps & Lifting Slings; systems to immobilize cargo inside packages, containers and during lifting when moving.


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    A stong mobile metal cart with wheels for transporting and holding coils of pallet strapping.
    Strapping Trolley – Coil Holder also includes a large bucket for use in conjunction with hand tools for pallet strapping.
    Pallet strapping storage solution.


    • Adaptable to different strap sizes.
    • Easy fixing on flat work surfaces.
    • Easy transport.


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